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The latest incarnation of occult artist Miki Aurora’s oeuvre, Death, Resurrection, Ascension marks the artist’s premier feature length art film–a work documenting an unscripted, ritualized, psychedelic healing process. A sea of glitches floods the visual landscape of the work, documented on security cameras, causing the movements of the characters—ritual facillitator (Aurora), and the film’s subject, a young rape survivor—to merge with the aether of the surrounding, sterile room. ‘


Throughout the course of the ceremony, the two women oscillate between various frontiers of the seeker’s psyche, as Aurora engages with occult technologies in an effort to aid in the excavation process of psychological trauma from within the subconscious mind of her cohort. As her layers unfold, a window into the shrouded world of the ritual arts is opened, a world rich with canonical visions, and iconography surrounding the work’s scriptural namesake–told through the swan song of one woman’s archetypal sorrow.

The film’s score, consisting of ambient soundscapes punctuated with recordings of the Sanskrit chants recited during the ritual, was composed by Raghunath Khe.

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